CADS Bursaries

CADS Annual Ski & Snowboard Festival Bursary

The Lesley Binnion Foundation was created to provide support for disabled students and athletes to assist them in perusing adaptive sports. CADS is honored to be able to offer to our CADS students again this year the Lesley Binnion Bursaries for Festival attendees.

Applications are now Closed

The GroFund bursary was created to provide support for disabled students and instructors to assist them in pursuing adaptive sports. We are pleased to offer CADS Students and/or CADS Instructors from Manitoba, bursaries to attend this year’s CADS Festival


In memory of Gary MacKinnon and in recognition of David Zerr for their hard work, dedication and support of the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance and the Canadian Adaptive Snowsports.


Thank you for applying for the 2020 CADS Ski & Snowboard Festival GroFund Bursary.  


There is $350.00 available for this bursary for either a CADS Student or a CADS Instructor.