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Module Certification

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Module Certification

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Module Certification

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Module Certification

CADS Instructor Certification 

The CADS Instructor Certification Program will ensure that CADS continues to set the standard for safe, effective technical instruction, and to provide opportunities for more people with disabilities to safely experience adaptive snow sports to the best of their abilities.


The CADS Instructor Certification Program:

  • Is consistent across the country,

  • Is consistent with the CSIA and CASI methodologies,

  • Is consistent with the Alpine Canada Long-Term Skier Development, and with other partners,

  • Is consistent with and supported by an improved, up-to-date instructor manual, and

  • Encourages succession planning for Course Conductors, Examiners, and Senior Examiners.

Modular Approach to Level I and Level II Certification

  • Level I and II certification can be taken as a full course, or by modules.

  • Each module has a specific focus and they are:

    • 3-Track / 4-Track Module (3&4T)

    • Visually Impaired Module (VI)

    • Sit-ski Module (SS)

    • Autism Spectrum Disorder/ Cognitively Impaired Module (ASD/CI)

    • Snowboard Module

  • In order to achieve each level of certification, all of the modules for the level must be passed.

  • If an instructor candidate does not complete all of the modules in a given level, he or she will be considered a specialist in the specific modules completed. The instructor candidate will not be permitted to advance to the next level of certification until all modules at the current level are successfully completed.

Simplified Certification Levels and Certification Requirements

  • Volunteer :

    • Volunteers are allowed to teach if trained properly and under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

  • New Certification Levels are as follows:

    • Level I Instructor

    • Level 2 Instructor

    • Level 3 Instructor

      • Level 3 Course Conductor

    • Level 4 Instructor

      • Level 4 Examiner