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This page is dedicated to the memory of Becky Till, who loved skiing with a passion, and clearly requested her CADS Instructors to help her ski faster wherever possible, through the bumps in the terrain parks and into the halfpipe, and through slalom courses aiming for first place truth, a skier to the depths of her soul!

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Adaptive Equipment

If you would like to list equipment please feel free to contact and we will post it to the page.

Please contact the sellers & traders personally for any information concerning their product since CADS National is only supplying the sellers and traders a platform for their products.


Mono Ski

As new, HOC Groove Monoski


If you would like more info

Powder Hounds Big White



2 -Adult Mountain Man

1 -Child Mountain Man

Available by Donation to Powderhounds

If you would like more info

Powder Hounds Big White


For Sale: Tessier Leisure DualSki (BiSKi) updated Nov 18 2019

Tessier Leisure Dual Ski (BiSki)

Frame Only

Prefect as a dual ski as well as a steered ski

CDN $4500.00

If you would like more info

Powder Hounds Big White


For Sale: Mountain Man Adult Posted : September 17th, 2018

Adult Mountain Man

Two Mountain Man FFS Dual Ski Adult size

Comes with front Handle bar and Stabilizing Boom and outriggers



$ 2,500.00 per Sled 


$4,500.00 for both sleds


If interested call Fred at 416 445 6160 

For Sale: DUAL BI SKI Posted September 5, 2018

FMS Dual BiSki

Full body support with deep padding for exceptional comfort and support. Seat has 5 point restraint system. This is a unique skiing device, capable of supporting a user with significant full-body support requirements, including full quadriplegia. Integrated head support. Stable, yet agile, enabling adaptive skiing with friends or family, or in specialized programs. Fitted with two side cut Rossignol skis, on articulating base. Adjustable length leg and foot supports. Front Baffle to minimize snow accumulation on rider. Adjustable to height of skiing partner. Capable of being positioned on Chair Lifts at ski resorts.
Fantastic device, the best BiSki we’ve ever used! Used only three times. Purchased new in 2017 for $7000