Jump Start Bursary Awards

2018 Bursaries

The Parasport Jumpstart Fund is a joint program between Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and the Canadian Paralympic Committee to create greater opportunities for sport and play for children with disabilities. 

CADS – Canadian Adaptive Snowsports – is proud to have been selected for this year’s Parasport Jumpstart Fund, which will provide $20,000 in bursary funds to help kids between the ages of 4 and 18 years with physical, sensory and/or cognitive disabilities overcome financial and accessibility barriers to actively participate in learning, participating and/or competing in skiing and snowboarding. 

Jumpstart and CADS intend to help families with costs related to registration, equipment or transportation needed to be able to practice their sport.

Here are some of the stories of the many students we were able to select for the Jumpstart bursaries.

Our daughter is 12 years old and has cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. Between registration fees and ski equipment, it is very difficult and expensive for us to keep our daughter in the adaptive ski program.

Our son is very energetic and enthusiastic 10 year old kid. However due to his various disabilities, has very few opportunities in the main stream sports or related programs. Few programs that are available are fairly out of our financial reach. For last 2 years we were introduced to CADS and we enrolled him into this program. He loved this program especially the care of the staff and the volunteers. Mike Mellor is his best teacher and friend. We, as parents are very great full for all the help. I hope with this bursary we will be able to overcome few of many obstacles for our son.

I would like to thank you and all others who made it possible. This will be of great help for my son to continue his passion of skiing. Thanks again.

Mon fils fait du ski durant trois ans il y a quelques années, mais a dû arrêter en raison d’une plaie de pression pour laquelle il a dû être opéré, puis ensuite parce qu’il a dû être opéré pour sa scoliose. Cette dernière opération a bien failli lui coûter la vie mais sa force de caractère et sa volonté de vivre ont su prendre le dessus!  De plus, je dois ajouter que depuis 2012, il a dû subir différentes opérations, et ce, à chaque année, à différents niveaux, ce qui l’a atteint énormément au niveau psychologique. Nous avons failli le perdre plusieurs fois durant ces dures années mais ce champion a une incroyable force ainsi qu’un désir de vivre qui mérite d’être souligné et récompensé. Maintenant qu’il va bien, il désire reprendre ses activités, avec un enthousiasme hors du commun. Voilà un bref portrait de ses dernières années et les raisons qui me poussent à vous demander de bien vouloir l’inscrire pour l’obtention des différentes bourses. Il est en fauteuil roulant et a besoin d’assistance à tous niveaux mais il comprend tout, son état, ses limites, et cela lui fait beaucoup de peine. Il adore faire du ski ou tout autre activité qui peut lui procurer de l’adrénaline. Une bourse pourrait payer son ski de l’an prochain, peut-être même d’explorer la voile adaptée, sport pour lequel nous avions des vues avant toutes ces chirurgies, ou même d’autres sports, s’il en existent d’autres adaptés…Il adore les sensations fortes et a besoin d’activités….

Mon fils fait du ski alpin, il y a maintenant deux ans grâce au snow slider que possède la Fondation Richard Lemieux au mont Avalanche. Comme la force de tous ses membres est diminuée, cet appareil lui amène une meilleure stabilité et lui permet de descendre les pistes avec 1 ou 2 instructeurs. Sachant qu’il a marché à 3 ans 1/2, c’est vraiment merveilleux de le voir aussi heureux à travers un sport !

We are a family of 6 and our other children have been actively involved in skiing and snowboarding.  Our daughter has been involved in the adaptive ski program, but they are limited in what they can offer her.  She has only been able to ride in the sit ski sled as she is not able to use a pole and tether.  She much prefers to actually “ski”.  We have been able to do this with her in the past by using a walking harness strapped to us to hold her up, but this season she has become too big for us to continue.  Another mom sent me a photo of an adaptive piece of equipment called the snow slider adaptive walker.  Unfortunately the equipment is $1600 US.  This bursary would allow us to work towards purchasing this equipment from the manufacturer or through Sunnyhill (they have agree to try to make a similar piece of equipment with cost of course as there is no funding).

In registering my son for his annual membership with cads  the add for this festival which is being held this year at Mt Saint Anne which is within driving distance for me (10hrs) and I have friends who live in Quebec and ski at the hill. For a couple of years now I have said to my son that I someday would take him and thought that this was a great opportunity to go to the festival and see old friends at the same time. He has been snowboarding for five years now and has competed with kids in his age group who are neurotypical children in which he has difficulty associating with but in 2015 managed to win the gold medal in slope style here in NS! He wants to become an instructor and help others to learn to snowboard he is turning 14 this June . His goal at this point is to finish school and attend university to become a psychologist so that he can work with kids like himself to help them understand how to cope with the challenges they face every day. He is my only child and lives with me full time now and want to make his life an experience of joy and and excitement so bringing him to this festival is something that I think will further enlighten him towards a future in working with like kids and sharing what I hope will be many more great moments in his life to come :) He and I will be attending the festival for the full week we will be driving up on Friday to be able to have a bit of time to get settled I am fully aware of the costs for a trip like this and know it is not cheap to do but for my son I have made many a sacrifice and will make many more in the future to let him experience as much as I can provide for him to experience he’s my world..!

I wish to send a note of great thanks to all the team at Cads Canada and to Jumpstart because without all the help and open doors this has provided for my son. He would not be the same person he is today as Cads has provided him with the chance to thrive in an environment that otherwise he would not have been much a part of .. I know what commitment is all about and how much Jumpstart has done for so many young kids like him providing them with the chance to express themselves in an environment with like persons…The festival was a great experience for both him and myself and we are looking very much forward to returning next March :)  Yours sincerely xo

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities is a national charity dedicated to helping kids overcome financial and accessibility barriers to sport and recreation in order to provide inclusive play for kids of all abilities. With an extensive, national network of more than 1,900 Community Partners and nearly 300 local chapters, Jumpstart helps eligible families cover the costs of registration, transportation, and equipment, and provides funding to selected organizations for recreational infrastructure and programming. Supported by the Government of Canada through Sport Canada and the Canadian Tire Family of Companies, which includes Canadian Tire, PartSource, Gas+, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, National Sports, Sports Experts, Mark’s and Canadian Tire Financial Services, Jumpstart has enabled 1.5 million Canadian kids and counting to get in the game since 2005.

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