Giving people living with disabilities the opportunity to eliminate barriers that have prevented them in experiencing the freedom of Snowsports. Not only in an environment that embraces diversity but in an accessible community that treats each individual with respect, support and value.

 CADS does this by developing and promoting Adaptive Snowsports through partnerships, training, and instructor certification programs.

CADS meet the requirements and needs of people living with all disabilities which also include: ·    Visual Impairments  ·    Autism Spectrum Disorders & Cognitive Impairments ·    Hemiplegics, Paraplegics & Quadriplegics ·    Upper or lower body amputees

Your membership fees support our almost 2,100 skiers and snowboarders connect with more than 3100 Certified Instructors and Volunteers.

We welcome everyone to participate in our programs. Many of our students and athletes come back year after year and our bond and the experiences keep on getting better.

The CADS Instructor Certification Program will ensure that CADS continues to set the standard for safe, effective technical instruction, and to provide opportunities for more people with disabilities to safely experience adaptive snow sports to the best of their abilities.

CADS Instructor training courses are held throughout the provinces for people wishing to learn and improve their skills as instructors for people living with disabilities.


The CADS Annual Festival is a fun filled Ski Week held in a different resort each year in Canada.

CADS is  excited to announce that our 44th annual Festival will be hosted at SunPeaks, BC. The week will be full of sunshine, laughter, skiing, snowboarding and fun. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!